Pinny Pin Pin!

Meet the new Pinterest! Same as the old Pinterest! Well, OK, not totally the same. But that’s just fun to say.

A few months ago when I started some HaldeCraft-specific boards on my personal Pinterest account, I did so because I wanted to have some HaldeCraft things up there for Social Media, but I didn’t want to either (a) change my account to a business one (because I do pin personal things and didn’t want to bore anyone not interested) or (b) start up a new business account (because who needs ONE MORE PASSWORD AMIRITE?!).

However, Pinterest is really, really interested in you being an actual business account if you’re a business, and coupled with the news that my shop host is partnering with them to do some behind-the-scenes spiffy things… well, it’s time for me to go ahead and start a second, actual business account.

Which means that today I can present to you… the brand-spanking-new HaldeCraft Pinterest account! Some of you already got a sneak preview of it because I tried to follow some people I was already following as myself, and I will happily follow back any and all actual people who are not spambots!


Here’s a glance at what my boards look like right now; a few boards for specific things that I make, like mugs, and buttons, and planters… a few boards for things that I make for my friends but that have never been for sale… a few boards for items made by friends of mine who have their own shops (and whose goodies I have bought in the past)… and a couple for inspirational things I find, like photos of lovely pottery studios or tutorials that are helpful.

I promise not to spam — maybe one or two pins a day, tops. I hate spam just as much as you do!

Thanks, y’all!

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