Things-in-Progress Thursday

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you suspect someone must have put a curse on you? A real “Murphey’s Week”? Where nothing goes spectacularly wrong, but not a single thing goes exactly, 100% right? Yeah. Me too!

What are you working on this week? This week I’m knitting on two different things; a sweater out of Emma that I’ve been working on while watching Game of Thrones on Sunday nights. I’m almost done with it…

In progress: A Pullover Fit for a Purple Wedding

… and I’ve been working on my June 12-in-’14 project, out of a skein of Andre in a test colorway for club yarn from last year.

Tattered Afshari

In addition I’ve been winding the July club yarn, which is mocking me — almost every skein is getting tangled in some fashion… so normally while it takes me about five minutes to wind a skein of yarn, it’s taking me upwards of 10 to 15 minutes. That might not sound like a lot, but when there’s 48 skeins? That’s four hours if nothing goes wrong, eight hours if it takes twice as long. So I feel I’ve been away from the computer more than usual this week, winding, untangling, winding, untangling, and winding! It’s so worth it, though. I love the color, love the yarn, and have absolutely loved this round of club as a whole.

In ceramics, as I have time here and there this week, I’m trying to glaze enough to fire the kiln. In the next firing will be some of the new jumbo-sized yarn bowls (I fired one a few weeks ago, testing a new painting technique, and while I love the result, the bowl broke in the firing… let’s hope the next four that I’m putting in the kiln later today don’t suffer the same fate). I also have a couple of custom orders, one of which is a remake from one I fired last time, but it exploded in the kiln. Did I mention Murphey’s Law?

I’ll leave you with a picture from this morning, of That Poor Man’s cat – who usually won’t have a thing to do with me – “helping” me do a yarn inventory so I know what needs to be dyed.

HaldeCraft employees think it's too early in the morning to check inventory and make lists of yarn needs. #cat #catsofinstagram #workingathome #craftlife

Yeah. “Helping.” HAH!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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