Too many pets and the Mythbusters have been replaced by pod robots

Too many pets and the Mythbusters have been replaced by pod robots

I had the weirdest dream last night. Pair of dreams?

In one, I had a very small room, and in that very small room were about fifty cages with dogs and cats in them. I was only fostering them, trying to get them adopted, but it was slow going. Too slow. The dogs were chewing off their own legs because they didn’t have enough room, and the cats were eating their kittens. Pleasant, I know, right? But here’s what I think it means (because long time readers know I’m a nut about dream interpretation) — I think it means I have too many things I love packed into too small a place in myself, and they’re self-destructing faster than I can make room for them. I already know I feel like I never have enough hours in the day, and I think that’s just my brain interpreting that. I spent two weeks working on ceramics, two weeks straight… and I feel like I could have dropped soap this week and kept with ceramics and still not made everything that was in my head. I know I’m not going to forget to do them, but I think that’s my brain worried that I might, and it’s asking (?) if maybe I should drop the idea if I don’t have time to work on it. Don’t worry, though, brain. Next ceramic sessions will see new soap dishes and a new crocheted bowl design! I promise!

In the other dream, the guys from the Mythbusters had been replaced sort of by pod people like from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but they were also robots. And they were trying to replace all my friends. Now, this dream might come from having watched two episodes of the Mythbusters right before I went to bed. Or it might mean that there’s something in my life I think is awesome but underneath is all that thing is not working for me (maybe even against me in a way I can’t see right now) and may be undermining some relationships.

Dreams. So much weird.

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