The 10th Annual Florida Fiber-In

I know I’ve been quiet the last few weeks – I haven’t even had time to finish writing up going to West Virginia in August – but here’s why. I was getting everything together to vend for a full weekend at the Florida Fiber-In! Sharon helped me, and a few of our friends (and my mom!) came as well, and I can’t even tell you what a good time I had. It’s such a laid-back little gathering (although not nearly as little as it used to be!) and just so much fun. Sharon and I have been going on and off since 2005 or so and it’s great to see a lot of the same faces. And so many spinning wheels! And so much fiber! I was remarkably reserved and didn’t bring home too much. And I sold enough to make me feel that I should absolutely go again next year, with a wider variety of goods.

Here are my photos from the weekend —

The 10th Annual Florida Fiber-In1. Today is the day we pack up our Independence!, 2. Let’s get this party started!, 3. The HaldeCraft booth, 4. The HaldeCraft booth, 5. The HaldeCraft booth, 6. The HaldeCraft booth, 7. The HaldeCraft booth, 8. The HaldeCraft booth, 9. Are you ready?, 10. Some of my weekend spinning, 11. Spinning circle, 12. The 10th Annual Florida Fiber-In, 13. My peeps, 14. Spinning circle, 15. Spinning circle, 16. Spinning circle, 17. The 10th Annual Florida Fiber-In, 18. The 10th Annual Florida Fiber-In, 19. The 10th Annual Florida Fiber-In, 20. A lovely wheel, 21. Relaxed, 22. Where’d that woman find that baby?, 23. HaldeCraft HandDyed, 24. HaldeCraft HandSpun, 25. Some of my weekend spinning, 26. Scenes from a work day, 27. “It’s that lady from the magazine!”, 28. Spinning circle, 29. Spinning circle, 30. Some of my weekend spinning, 31. Fountain in the morning sun, 32. My haul (surprisingly minute), 33. Boothiness

And now, my head is full of thoughts, and things I want to do, and of course I want to do ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME, so I seriously need to reign myself in. Again, I had a really, really great time!

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