It’s getting better all the tiiii-iiiii-iiiime

Watching the world go by

Well, we had that one big barking squealing going-for-the-neck episode wherein I had to pull Corwin (“Dog”) off Lindy (“Other Dog”) by her tail, and since then we’ve had two small yip/squeak episodes that ended when I yelled “HAIGH!” (Southern accent included for your amusement) louder than they were barking…. and other than that, it pretty much looks like this around the house.

They’ve been bonding together in the back yard over defending the house and their humans from Evil Lizard Overlords (the back porch is now completely lizard-free, and I imagine any survivors of the slaughter will tell nightmare-inducing bedtime stories to their broods). Dog still isn’t sure she wants to snuggle closely quite as much as Other Dog does (I imagine that will change when the weather gets cold) and Other Dog needs to find a better way to communicate the need to go outside when she needs to go. But other than that, it’s surprisingly peaceful.

Other Dog is so …. hahahaha, “handi-CAPABLE” that I often forget she only has three legs, and do a double-take when I notice her limp-hopping. Really, other than scratch behind her left ear, there isn’t anything she can’t do. She will play fetch for hours if we didn’t get bored, and she loves to go for fast walks with Tim. She’s better at fast walks because her hop is more pronounced when she goes slowly. We’re not walking her very far yet, not even to the dog park, until we can get a good feel for how long she can go before she gets tired. So far she seems to be petering out near the church about six blocks away (the dog park is a few blocks beyond that).

And she gets along great with the cats, but seems a bit perturbed that the darker cats, the ones that have her fur color, don’t seem to want to snuggle and/or nurse. The other day I saw Tiny Kitten doing the thing she used to do to Old Dog — purring and head-butting Other Dog’s chest, and rubbing her head underneath the dog’s chin. SO CUTE.

And now that I’ve written a great post on how everyone is getting along, I imagine I’ve doomed us to see the inside of an emergency vet clinic within the next 24 hours. Because that’s how the Universe likes to laugh at me.

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    1. I tell ya… I was worried, the first few days. Corwin was defensive, after the initial YAY A NEW FRIEND wore off it became more a case of OMG WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE. But Lindy is so good-natured and never seems to stop trying to give kisses…. so I think she’s wearing Cori down, heh. It’s so funny to see them go to sleep at night on opposite sides of the bedroom, and then wake up to Lindy practically sleeping on top of Corwin. It’s like she inches closer and closer and closer and SNUGGLES! YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE THE SNUGGLES!

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