A day in the life

A day in the life


A couple of weeks ago we went to Auntie Bagel Sunday. Only it wasn’t my usual Aunties, it was Auntie Gay and Unca Joe! Me and mama said hello to them and then we went over to place our bagel order. Mama calls it the Valerie Special – a toasted asiago bagel with three olive cream cheese. Unca Jeffy got a BLT… I think. I don’t remember, I’m just a dog. Auntie Gay and Unca Joe got waffles from Satch Squared. And I met so many other Goodest Doggos in line! We were all very friendly and sniffed butts and licked each others faces. I made many friends.

Here I am with my Unca Joe. He told me I was a Goodest Girlie even though I was whining because I’d already had so much fun I was super sleepy and wanted a nap. Mama pulled me up on the bench and I got to snuggle my Unca for a little bit and then I was a Happy Potato.

But the fun didn’t end there, because Mama and Unca Jeffy needed to go to the Home Despot and they allow Good Doggos in there so I got to go and I made so many friends! Everybody we passed smiled at me and everybody who worked there asked if they could pet me and then they told Mama about their dogs. I think they should bring their dogs to work with them because they looked so much happier after I let them pet me. They’d be happy all the time if they had puppies to pet all day!

I got to sniff so many exciting things at the Home Despot. Mama said my nose was working overtime!

I finally had to lay down in the middle of an empty aisle because I was getting tired and wanted a nap. Mama had water for me out in the car so don’t worry that I look like I’m panting in this picture. I had plenty to drink, so I was OK!

I was even so happy about the fun day I was having with Mama and Unca Jeffy that I didn’t even sleep in the car! I looked out the window and I made faces in the mirror at Mama even though she said I should go to sleep. What if there were more fun things to do? I didn’t want to miss anything! What if I missed another stop, because I was a Sleeping Potato????

But then we got home and I figured nothing more fun or exciting was going to happen so I went ahead and took a nap. Mama says I nap funny. I say I just get really into everything I do and if I’m going to nap I’m going to nap with my WHOLE ENTIRE BODY.

But then one more thing did happen, because Mama had to work on Social Media for work, and I got to help her. Here I am telling her what to post about. She does everything I say, she’s a good Mama who listens to her Potato!

OK bye for now, everybody, remember Potato loves you! Thank you for reading about Potato’s glorious day!

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