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  1. 1. I am jealous of your azaleas. I have one, but it hates my soil (with good reason) and remains unimpressive.
    2. It was in the 50s here, which is really warm for January, and it’s dropping into the 20s tomorrow.
    3. I’m prone to sinus headaches that come with weather changes.
    4. Guess what I have?
    I hope you’re able to enjoy the warmth!

  2. Perhaps you spoke too soon – it’s a little nippy up there today, no? But honestly, it’s been a crappy winter – far too warm and muggy.

  3. When we were at Animal Kingdom last weekend, not only had the azaleas started to bloom, but they were already falling off the tree!! They had bloomed and were done! In the middle of January! It’s insanity.

    It’s nice today again – cooled down to around 60F this afternoon here in Tampa – but it’s been mid-80’s all month. I can’t even remember the last time we had a freeze warning here. I’m pretty sure it was 2010.

    1. Just to mess with us, it’s frozen up here in Gainesville the last two nights in a row. 34 tonight, 36 tomorrow night (projected). And yet, high 60s during the day. Sigh.

      I wonder what’s going to happen to the yearly Azalea festival in Palatka (a little east of us). That’s normally in late March or early April….

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