Scenes from a work day

Ever since we went to Barberville Roadside I’ve been chewing on some ideas in the back of my head — go ahead and laugh but that place was really inspiring to me. I’ve always loved Spanish and Mexican tiles and colorwork, and for some reason being around all that Talavera at the same time really lit a fire under me to try some things. To save myself some time I shopped around to find some bisque pieces, and found the planters shown above, and also some lizards and some dragonflies (six of everything). I’d love to find some suns, too, but I think this is a good start.

Yesterday I got a surprising amount done – it’s amazing what can happen if I stay off the Interwebs – and I’m starting to feel caught up from last week’s constant punch-to-the-head. I’m hoping for more of the same but have errands for most of the morning (and feel weird about it — my usual every-four-weeks chiropractic visit got moved from Monday to Wednesday, and you don’t know how much this morning I’ve thought it was the start of a new week….!). And I have now sat here for so long staring at the page, thinking about what else to write, that I need to leave to go get ready for said errands. Whoops!

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