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Earning her keepClearly I am not yet awake enough to come up with a title. Or really something to write, heh.

It’s not that I don’t have stuff on my mind, BELIEVE ME. But some of the stuff that’s on my mind, that I want to write about, is that kind of stuff that always gets me about thirty emails later of the “why were you writing about me on your blog” when really, it’s sort of an “in general” thing. And trust me — if I were to be writing about YOU, you’d never figure it out. People never know when I’m actually writing about them (I mean, unless I say something like “Tim and I went to Chris and Sharon’s for pizza last night” — that’s a pretty sure bet I really am talking about Chris and Sharon). But in general people only seem to think I’m writing about them when I’m not. And then there’s this huge dramatic back-and-forth where I have to say “I’m sorry for you that you are so freaking sensitive that you thought I was talking about you, but maybe you should look at how you treat people and/or behave if that’s what you think, because really, I wasn’t.” (Only, you know, nicer.) and they counter with “but this one time! At band camp!” and I have to eventually go with “what? What? You’re breaking up! I can’t hear you!” and stop answering their emails because y’all, really, that back-and-forth makes me tiiiiiiiired.

In other bitcheries, I have a few more “free Etsy advice” columns I want to write. Even though most of them are rehashings of things I’ve said before. “Answer your messages. Be polite. Say “please” and “thank you.” If someone sends you a long answer, reply to it, even if it’s just to say “thanks for taking the time to answer.” Even though I’ve gotten my Etsy shop down to about $15 a month, which means it’s really just advertising for me now (which is exactly what I wanted when I started switching to Shopify last year). I pretty much just rotate things through, and have the occasional random sale or custom order. I do get a lot of Etsy messages wanting to know where such-and-such product is, and I tell people I’ve moved it to my off-Etsy shop, and technically while I’m not supposed to give them the address, I’ve started to do that… mostly because variations of “if you put a www. before and a .com after my shop name, you will find my off-Etsy site” was apparently too vague for about 30 people. ::headdesk:: But then I never hear from those people again, on either shop, so WTF.

OK, Imma go be cranky in front of the TV now, and wrap a lot of soap. Wheeeeeee! Don’t you want to come over and help me? I seem to be in a great mood! AHAHAHAHAH!

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  1. Thanks for the laughs. Your writing can really brighten my day. Hope your day is not toooo cranky. ;- ) I want a kiss from the cat in the box.

  2. I recommend tequila. I had a blackberry margarita last night, and it helped my mood considerably. If you can also avoid contact with stupid people, I’d try that, too. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them.

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