1001 books

Almost done...At least. At least 1000 books. I counted one section that had medium-sized books on it (meaning that some books on the case are thinner and some are thicker) and that section had 34 books. There are 30 sections. That’s 1020 books. But, I also put my dad’s ashes on the shelf, under “H,” so that takes up maybe seven or eight book spaces. STILL. That’s a lot of paperbacks. And I’m sure there are more floating around the house that I’ll find and need to shelve in the next week or two.

Better, no-cellphone pictures coming soon.

The HaldeCraft ceramic studio is pretty much shut down for production of new greenware right now, and will be for about a week. I had to move my greenware-cleaning table in front of my pouring station in order to get at these books and bring them out into the hallway, and now I need to move the ceramics around and off the same shelf so that That Poor Man can take it down this weekend and build me a better/stronger/faster one. Then I get to play with re-organizing that room… but I know its’ going to take me a couple of days. So I am completely off my twice-a-week pouring schedule and won’t be able to pour until probably the first week of September. That’s OK, though, because it’s all for a good cause! Also it’ll make me buckle down and work on soap. And I have sock club coming up (I’ve already dyed a tester for the September colorway and I hope it dries soon because I want to start knitting! NOW!). I guess what I’m saying is that I have other work to do. But I am awfully excited to get back to ceramics and have ROOM for things!

I’m starting to be glad Verizon wouldn’t replace my phone right away. It turns out my Nook can do a lot of things my phone did, only with a bigger screen. Flipboard gives me access to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Google Reader. The Nook will not only get both my HaldeChick and HaldeCraft emails but it will combine them into one inbox so I don’t have to jump back and forth. I can surf the web on it. And, let’s be honest, play Angry Birds. If I get an SD card I can use Evernote. Those are all things I did on my phone, but can now do on my Nook. So what do I need my phone for? Well, I listen to audio books and music on it. Text message. I use the camera more than anything else… well, no, tied for camera and audio books. The occasional actual phone call. We’ve used Navigation a lot when travelling. So I still want to keep a phone, but now I’m leaning more towards something with good sound and a good camera, as opposed to something that has lots of bells and whistles, or gets 5g (or whatever they’re up to now), or does my laundry (actually, that would be nice). I can get a new phone, according to Verizon, on the 17th of September. That gives me time to research.

Blargity blarg. That’s all, folks. I overslept today (paying for staying up until almost 2 AM reading) and am finding it hard to get motivated. Part of me wants to take today off (and do laundry, sweep, mop, clean cat boxes) but part of me feels the pressure of all that unwrapped soap in the soap-and-dye-bar. Sometimes I wish I was two people. Or that my dogs had thumbs.

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  1. We took 12 boxes of books to the Friends of the Library last week. The man asked if they were from an estate sale. Nope, just the few can part with. Love, Aunt Gay

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