How’s that alphabet coming along?

A, b, c, d...Show of hands: who is surprised that I’m not going to be able to fit all the books on the shelf? Tim helped me pull out the rest of the books from the studio last night, and there’s about a full shelf, at least, too much.

Even with pulling all the stripped copies* and pulling things I know I don’t want to make a book donation… I’m still going to either have to pull some more, or shelve some back in the ceramic studio.

I am, however, determined to make them all fit… so either Wild Iris will be getting a large book donation soon, or I’ll start having “freebie Friday” with different science fiction and fantasy books to give away. Or both. Some of the books that I don’t necessarily want to keep are advanced readers copies, which I can’t sell. Sigh.

* Don’t judge; everyone who works at bookstores does it. Yes, we’re supposed to destroy them… the problem being that we all love books! So stripped copies are a great way to read an author we might not normally read, and that way we can recommend them. I plan to go through all my stripped copies and mark the ones I still want to read as “to be read” on Goodreads, and then find them electronically if possible and download them to my Nook.

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  1. I love these bookcases soooo much! If you guys lived here, we would offer to hire That Poor Man to make us some. 🙂

  2. When bookstores can’t sell a paperback, and the publisher doesn’t want them shipped back (costs more than the book is worth, at this point), they instruct the bookseller to return just the covers {hence the “stripped (coverless) book”}, and certify that the rest of the book has been destroyed (although that varies from tossing into the trash, to recycling, to the occasional bonfire in the 55gallon drum for truly heinous romances …)

    Yes, I did my time in a bookstore, once many moons ago. And I have *wa-ay* too many craft books as proof.

    1. So, employees will occasionally ‘acquire’ the stripped copies for their own personal stash – but since they are ‘stripped’ (and reported as destoyed), no used book dealer will take them. Most charities won’t either.

      Sorry, should have included that in the explanation.

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