Speaking of books

As long as I'm getting a new library card...I went to the library yesterday to get a new card (I had lost my other one mumblemumble years ago). I went to the downtown library, which ::shifty eyes:: was new the last time I had a library card. But I didn’t go there a lot. I love libraries, mind you — but for some reason never warmed up to this one. Some sorry combination of a parking lot that has about five spots, homeless people begging for money every time I’m between my car and the door, people sleeping (or making out, Jesus, GET A ROOM) in the stacks.

The parking lot still sucks donkey balls (seriously? Largest library in town, but smallest parking lot? WTF), but the crazy guy wearing a blue dress and talking to himself ignored me, and there was nobody sleeping in the stacks (maybe because all the librarians were busy switching the fiction and non-fiction sides of the library so it was too active to sleep…?).

I checked out a couple of books, and got instructions on how to check out books electronically on my Nook. The whole time I was standing at the desk, maybe six or eight people came to return things. Do you know what they all returned? Movies. Not books. I wanted to shake my cane at them. Well, at least they were in the library.

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