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  1. Good song and interesting video . . . I’m so out of video sf I can’t identify it . . . Star Trek the Sevententh Season, maybe?

    Unca Joe

    1. It’s from a show called “Stargate: Universe” — about a hundred people got trapped on an automagically powered ship over which they have no control. They’re about 50/50 military and civilian scientists, and spend most of the show fighting with each other over who’s got control of the ship (hint: nobody, it controls itself and pretty much does what it wants until the douchebaggiest of them figures out how to make it work, and then makes it work… for him). Still, they had a couple of quirky, fun characters and they kept using Flogging Molly songs, like this one, and roping me back in. This video is at about the time they realize they’re not going to be able to turn the ship around, and everybody is running out of mood-altering drugs, trying to find ways to keep sane, and of course having lots of great sex. Like you do with strangers you’re trapped on a large boat with when everyone is unbelievably good-looking except for the smart characters.

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