Saturday, July 7th

Braaaaaains (of soap)I know the coloring on this photo is weird; I was using the “horror movie” filter. Get it? Halloween soap? Brains? Horror movie? GET IT?


I’m looking forward to getting back to the public side of work tomorrow. I’ve kept sitting down to list things this week and then being all, “oh! Yeah! Hold onto that!” and now I have all sorts of scrap pieces of paper littering my desk to remind me not to forget to list whatever. Which is slightly stressful because I’m afraid I’m going to accidentally throw away the paper because that shit’s in my way, and then I’ll forget whatever was on it. I don’t think my offline vacation, in retrospect, really worked. I wanted to take time away from being online so that I could get a lot of work done, being that the last couple of weeks I’ve both made and listed a lot of products. Listing (and talking about the listing) takes time, and I thought I could get more finished if I didn’t talk about it. Well, I could. But the flip side of that is that now I have twice as much to talk about, and still have things I need to make. TIME PLANNING FAIL.

Anyway. Today I’m dyeing yarn and looking at my desk as if I don’t know where to put things (probably because I don’t). No flat surface is safe near me. I am an agent of chaos (like father, like daughter).

PS. Thank you for voting in yesterday’s Halloween soap poll! Either in retrospect, or in advance!

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