Sunday, June 17th

Dividing for the neck.Whoa, I almost wrote “July” up there… as if this year isn’t going by over-fast enough.

Last night I divided for the neck on St. Brigid, a sweater I’ve been piddling away on since 2010. I thought I would make finishing it my Olympic Knitting project this year, but then I thought…. you don’t really have too much else on the needles right now. Just fucking work on it, already!

Yesterday I took Tim to the airport in the morning where his company had a rental car waiting, so he could drive to Atlanta for training rather than fly. I think it was really human of  them to accommodate his motion sickness. He left by about 10 AM and called me by 3 to say he was there and checked into the hotel. OK, Speedy Gonzales.

This is the training he was supposed to go to Chicago for a few weeks ago, but it was cancelled, and he went up to  spend the week in South Bend instead.

I spent Friday and Saturday thinking “oh, so he’ll be gone three or four days, it might really be nice to relax during that time, take it slow, don’t work too hard” … and then by this morning I already have so much to do in the next couple days that I’m contemplating not going to my chiropractic appointment in a couple hours. Except that getting out of taking care of myself by being too busy to take care of myself means that I can’t really take care of anything else (or at least, won’t be able to if I stress out and have a migraine or blah-de-blah-blah-blah).

Meanwhile, I’m tired. I stayed up way too late last night reading, and got up earlier than I wanted to this morning… which was my normal time to get up, but being that I stayed up way past midnight, felt entirely too early. Which means that I may become cranky at some point today.

Oh, speaking of being Cranky McCrankyPants — some friends of mine have babies, and those babies have onesies that have a giant appliqued crab on the butt; they are known as “crabby butt” pants, and any baby wearing them is automatically dubbed “a crabby butt.” Rhea says that if I make a pair of pajamas, she’ll help me applique a couple crabs to the butt, so that I can have my own crabby butt pants to wear when I am Cranky. They can be my Cranky McCrabbyButt pants. The hunt for appropriate shellfish-oriented cloth is ON.

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    1. Now if only I could find a crab applique that doesn’t have googly eyes — I don’t need no googly-eye impressions on my butt cheeks!

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