Wash, or wash not; there is no …

…. uh, okay, I totally can’t think of how to end that. There is no dirt? Well of course there wouldn’t be any dirt… if you washed. But if you washed not? There would be dirt. Erm. Maybe I should retitle it. “Clean, I am!” … or… “When as old as I am you are, clean you will be!”

Wash; or wash not.

This is all my way of saying that there are only six! more! days! until May the Fourth!

Right now I have 93 skeins of sock yarn and 36 skeins of worsted weight. I’m seriously contemplating in this coming week cranking out another 50 in sock (maybe ten more each of the most popular pre-order colors) and maybe ten more in worsted (five each of the two most popular pre-order colors). I know 93 sounds like a lot, but there are ten colorways. So I have, on average, just under ten skeins of sock per color (not literally true; two colors I only made six, and a couple colors I have about 11 or 12).


Yarn! Yay!

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