What do nine and sixteen have in common?

I've got a bad feeling about this...

In nine more days, the pre-orders for Star Wars-inspired yarn will go away… and in sixteen days, the limited number of singles I’ll have will go up for sale. I should have between ten and twelve of each popular colorway, but only about five each of the colorways that haven’t been that popular in the pre-orders. I’ve been dyeing and winding so much yarn that I feel like a serious yarn hoarder (I even had to buy some new bins in which to store it) but at the same time, the pre-order (which sold slowly at first) had a big resurgence a couple of weeks ago and since I’ve packed all the orders up I kind of look around, thinking, “where’s all the yarn? I’ve been dyeing and winding for weeks and don’t have any yarn!”. Oh, brain, you’re so funny!

Anyway, in case you have no idea what I’m talking about…

May the Yarn be with you!

This will come as no surprise to those who know me, but I? Am a huge nerd. And I think I have reached entire new levels of geekery with a line of yarns inspired by Star Wars. I mean, how better to celebrate two of my loves, right?!

This listing is for a set of three skeins of yarn — buyer’s choice on colorways and bases (sock or worsted).

Solid colors (as seen in photo #4) include:
Protocol Droid
There is no “try”
The Dark Side

Multi-colors (as seen in photo #5) include:
Astromech Droid
Aren’t you a little short?
It’s a TRAP!
Bounty Hunter
That’s no moon!
Slave Princess

May the Soap be with you!

The Plucky Hero – a little spicy, a little down-home, a little bit like the fresh outdoors. Like the hero, this soap starts off small but packs a punch and the fragrance will stay with you!

The Brave Princess – a little floral and a little peppery, this fragrance has a few notes in common with The Plucky Hero but then veers off into its own path. This is a great fragrance for someone who feels they are both soft and strong.

The Roguish Smuggler – who doesn’t want to smell like a rapscallion? Like musk and leather and maybe just a little bit of gunpowder (he did shoot first, after all) this one is sure to enchant all those who like, or want to be, the seemingly bad good guy.

The Furry Sidekick – similar to his best friend, the smuggler, the sidekick is a bit woodsy and leathery, and a few undefinable whiffs of something… outdoorsy. Fresh water? Mountains? The forest? Wherever he is from, he carries it with him.

The Old Teacher – Earthy and quiet, doesn’t push unless pushed first, and always keeps his head about him; that’s this fragrance is about. A little grassier a scent than you’d think for someone found living in a cave on a desert planet, it is still sort of what The Plucky Hero wants to be when it grows up.

The Forest Moon – no small, overly-adorable forest creature here! This fragrance is all about being in the woods. Tall trees and green leaves, fresh breezes and moss. If you like being in the woods, this one is for you! I promise it won’t attract tall fighters in white who look alike.

All the soaps have the same design, and while it may be round and white, that’s no moon!

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