Saturday, March 10th

FuchsiaThe azaleas started blooming in early/mid February. Right about the time everyone else was bitching about six more weeks of winter… we were starting to get flowers. I don’t even know if I should plant a vegetable garden this year; it’s probably going to be 150 degrees by April. We’ve been sleeping with the window AC unit on at night for almost a week, and … just, gah. This might be the year we vacation in Alaska… from April through October.

I spent most of the day in the ceramic studio yesterday, pouring greenware and cleaning dry greenware. I cleaned enough to fire the kiln, which I turned on right before I went to sleep last night. It just clicked off while I was getting my coffee a little bit ago. It will take about 16 hours to cool down, but I probably won’t open it until tomorrow morning, because… tonight I have tickets to go see Amy Ray! (Don’t be jealous, Anne, I thought about inviting you to come with!)

I’ve never seen her solo before, but I’ve seen the Indigo Girls play an embarrassing number of times for a straight girl. This is in a really small venue, and my friend Chana and I are going to be there with flannel on (instead of bells, you know).

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  1. Glad the Amy Ray concert was great! I love the Indigo Girls. I also love azaleas. My Midwestern soil is alkaline, which makes the azaleas cranky, but I still planted one last year and treated it with sulfur in hopes to pacify it. I fell in love with them when we visited Seattle, and I would love to have one in my yard. Know that I am jealous and enjoy them fully while they’re blooming!

  2. And I would totally have come with you, except for the whole Gainesville to Ohio distance thing. And cookie sales. I would even have gotten a flannel shirt and worn my hiking boots! Lucky you!

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