Thursday, March 1st

Still busy, no time to write a proper recap of the whole week, let alone just yesterday. Have some great music — I was just telling Tim about this video the other night when we saw the song (one of my favorites) used by the Muppets to shill Google Hangout or something. I don’t like commercials but I don’t let Tim fast-forward through that one because I love both this song and the Muppets. Sigh!

I still don’t know which is the best part of this one; the lyrics (which I’ve always loved), the bass line (I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it), David Bowie with his cigarette through the whole thing, Annie Lennox’s voice, or George Michael clearly singing his heart out offstage.

These are the days it never rains but it pours!

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  1. I still think that theirs is one of the best performances from the Freddie Mercury tribute concert (1992). Hrm. I may have to see if that’s available on dvd (as I’m sure my VHS copies are long since worn out). Seal’s Who Wants to Live Forever was pretty amazing too.

  2. Well, I’ve seen that video before, and it is great…but have you seen this version of it? ( This is the version that makes the hair on my arms stand up and my eyes water 😉
    And THIS ( ) should explain why George Michael was belting it out off stage. He’s fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.
    (these might be from the tribute concert saffenn is referring to)

    PS…I usually read your blog through a reader so don’t see the whole page..b but I am here to comment and cracking up because I have those owls!! (from you, of course) And I move them from position to position all the time as my mood changes, but that’s the position they are in now LOLOL.

    1. I swear. Annie Lennox and David Bowie dressed up like that and putting so much energy into the song is just TOO MUCH SEXEH. I have the vapors now! Thank you for those links!

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