Wednesday, February 8th

Dry faster!Busy day yesterday. Washed and started to block this little afghan I whipped out (the edges are still a little damp this morning but I might be ready for an official finished object photo shoot this afternoon). Started to dye March sock club. Spent an inordinate amount of time overdying it, since one shade turned out lighter than I want, which means that what should have just taken me yesterday is stretching out into today. It also crowded my day yesterday so much that I didn’t get much glazing done, so I am skipping wrapping soap today in order to glaze more ceramics, in order to fire the kiln tomorrow.

Funny story about the soap I made Monday that I’m not wrapping today — I made a lemongrass sampler set; the small guest-sized dragonflies, in six different fragrances that all feature lemongrass. And apparently only put labels on four of the sets. Sigh. I foresee much sniffing and comparing in my future when I do finally get around to wrapping those.

I also met a friend for lunch yesterday, with whom I used to work at the Enginerding Company. He still works there (although I prefer the term “incarcerated”). I had a horrible dream Tuesday night that I went back to work there. Only two people I knew still worked there (what with all the massive layoffs) and I was trying to hide from them both. And even though I was “working” there, I was really only volunteering my time, because I knew I wouldn’t be getting paid for what I was doing. Whoa. PTSD much?! It was good to see my friend, though. We haven’t really hung out much in the last few years, and it was good to see that the inside jokes were still funny and that he seems to be doing well, if stressed beyond what humans should endure.

By the way, we went to Civilization, where I’d not yet been even though they’re right around the corner. I’d been there a handful of times when they were 2nd Street Bakery, and while the setup is of course completely the same, the vibe is different. I had a really great salad, and plan to put them on my local eatery rotation!

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