Monday, January 23rd

Through the sunI originally meant to take this in the early morning, so the sun would be behind it (get it? The sun? Behind the sun? So it would look like a little sun? In the sun? Meta!) But I forgot, and ultimately think this one turned out fine. Besides, I think to show off the shiny more I’d have to break out my camera-camera, not just my phone-camera (which is what I take most of my daily photos with these days).

Yesterday was spent firing the kiln and cleaning the house – not only is Lynn coming up today to help me wrap soap (and eat good food – forecast calls for lunch at Chopstix and dinner at Emilianos) but we’re getting the house appraised today because we’re trying to refinance. So mostly I puttered yesterday, going through small piles of things and putting things where they belong and sweeping and whatnot. Tim completely cleaned off the back porch when he got home; I do love a clean back porch. When I unload the kiln later I’ll try to take a wide shot to show off how empty it looks.

Aaaaaaaaand, that’s all I got this morning. I need to rush off and sweep the front porch, open the kiln and inspect pieces, and do a few last-minute bits of straightening. You crazy kids have a fun day!

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