Sunday, January 22nd

Hung.Behold, my earrings! Before we painted the bathroom, they used to hang in the window (not unlike this); but they got taken down for painting, and when I went to put them back up I thought “wow, that netting is really dusty, I should pop it into the wash.” And that meant taking off all of my earrings, so you know I got right on that. HAHAHAHA. Finally last week Tim was all, “you gonna hang these?” and I explained what was taking me so long (“it is in a small box in the closet in the bathroom and I only think about it when I see it and usually then I am about to get in the shower so yeah”) and he took them all off while watching TV. I popped the netting in my next load of laundry, and… now it’s back up. So. Yeah. That only took seven months.


Anyway. Moving on.

One thing I’m discovering about making a schedule and sticking to it is that I’m stressing a lot less over things not getting done. At the same time, I’m getting a lot more things finished. Does that make sense? For instance, Sunday is OFFICE DAY. And that means that during the week I stress less about there being random piles of paper around that need to be filed, because I know I’m going to get to it on Sunday. And when I do get to it on Sunday, it takes me less time to finish it than I thought (probably because there’s a week of receipts and not seven months worth) and then I feel accomplished, and done with something. Saturday when I loaded up the kiln with greenware, I felt like I finished it and was ready to fire with much less stress than in November or December, even though I worked on it the same amount of hours I would have then — just spread out over two days instead of crammed into one day. CRAZY.

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