Saturday, January 21st

Fresh from the HaldeKilnFriday’s kiln firing. All four of those messily wrapped mugs will show up for sale soon.

One thing I noticed yesterday is that by cleaning greenware every Saturday, but only loading the kiln up to fire every other Saturday, it doesn’t take as long to get work done! I mean, it does; it still takes six to eight hours to get enough cleaned to load the kiln. But four hours each Saturday rather than eight hours all at once just… seems faster.

Last night we went to the grand opening of a friend’s new sewing studio, Sew Make Do. I guess I should say acquaintance more than friend (I actually know her mom better :waves to Joan: and kind of suspect that her mom and my mom would hit it off) but she’s someone whose blog I have read for a while and I have had a crush on her kitchen clocks and a day and I would like to get to know her better as it seems like we have a lot of friends in common. Is that the longest, most rambling sentence I’ve ever written? Anyway, Kim is opening a sewing studio and wants it to be a crafting hub (I hear Sharon’s going to be teaching an intro to knitting class there in February), and y’all know I’m all about crafty hubs, so anything to show my support! And yes, I did register to maybe win a free class, but probably won’t win (I never win anything) and have my eye on an upcoming learn-about-patterns/how-to-make-pajama-bottoms class. I feel like I’m in that in-between stage of knowing about sewing. I basically know how to do it, but could use a confidence builder and some reinforcement that I do know what I’m doing even if I doubt myself. Is that what people felt when thinking about taking classes at Hanks?

Whoops. I decided while writing this to take the dog on a walk (almost four miles!) and saved this in drafts, and then forgot about it when I got home. Der.

What are your Sunday plans?

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  1. Lorena, I’m so glad you could make it on Saturday! I’m with you — I wish we had more time to chat amidst the hubbub, though a big part of me is grateful that the event was as busy as it was. Please feel free to stop by any Thursday evening. I’d love for us to get to know each other better. Like you said, it seems like we have a lot in common!

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