Monday, January 16th

Little maids all in a rowA series of ceramic figurines representing different countries. I love making these; this set I made for Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe, world travelers. I dare say they’ve been to every country shown there (even though I’m pretty sure that some of the names of the countries have changed between when the molds were cast in the late 70s/early 80s and now).

I don’t feel well this morning. I hope I’m not finally coming down with what Tim had. He’s still coughing, even though he feels a lot better. I don’t feel ill, just tired. Maybe I should actually go back to sleep for an hour or so? I didn’t sleep very well last night, so hopefully I’m just unrested, and not getting sick. No time to be sick! I might could carve out time for a nap, but not time to be ill for three weeks.

Yesterday I got a lot of soap made. I didn’t quite finish what I wanted so my soap-making is going to bleed a little bit into today, when I’m also painting/glazing ceramics. So much soap! I hope I don’t overwhelm my friend Lynn, who is going to come up next week one day and help me wrap soap. I swear, Lynn, I didn’t ramp up production just because I’ll have a helper next week!

Today I should put the last coat of paint on these new Virgins Mary, and get them glazed today and tomorrow. Kiln is set to fire on Friday. Is it Saturday yet? I want to see how these turn out!

In totally unrelated news, my chiropractor’s wife is pregnant and they’re expecting their second daughter in March. Would it be too weird to knit something for them? We’re not friends, but he’s very friendly, and while I call him “Dr. Chiropractor” I’ve heard many other patients call him by his first name. Plus, it would help me toward the goal I have of knitting 50 things this  year. I was noticing when doing my yearly knitting roundup that my numbers have been getting lower and lower since the yarn shop closed, and I’d like to get those numbers higher this year (if only to make myself feel better). My friend Lala just had a baby, I have another friend who’s trying to get pregnant, and my chiropractor’s wife is pregnant. I’m totally not above knitting a bunch of quick tiny things in order to make my numbers look better. I mean, generosity! It’s all about me being generous with my time and yarn! :shifty eyes:

So. Nap? Or refill this coffee cup?

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  1. Knit the Chiropractor’s baby a thing. It’s not weird. I think good doctors/dentists/chiropractors get things from patients frequently enough to appreciate being appreciated but not feel awkward about it. Knitted baby things are usually less emotional for non-knitters but they still tend to understand that hand-knit baby things have more love in them than store bought.

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