Sunday, January 15th

When! Sunbeams! Attack!Is the month already half over? How’d that happen? Who said that could happen? I swear it was just New Year’s Day and we were having breakfast until it was time to switch the food to lunch fixins.

This was most of the view in my house yesterday. Not necessarily Tim’s Cat blocking my access to the keyboard, but kitties lying about in sunbeams trying to look snuggly. They all succeeded at their goals, and much snuggling was had. Sometimes they had to rough it and snuggle each other, or snuggle a dog, but at least everyone was warm and cozy.

Tim went ahead and put plastic up on the windows (which are jalousie windows) since, you know, it is January, and the plastic does keep the heat in. It’s probably in the 60s in the house instead of the 40s, so that’s nice. At this point we have a space heater in every big room, too, balanced nicely throughout the house, so we may actually stay reasonably warm for the rest of the winter.

I know, I know, my Northern friends roll their eyes when I talk about the cold. As if Florida knows cold. So let me once again pull out the “our house doesn’t have central heat” card, along with the “they don’t sell warm clothes in Florida” card. Seriously. With the exception of a couple of Disney sweatshirts, all of my warm clothes were bought while travelling.

OK, gotta run. Busy day. More later, though, most likely!

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