Monday, December 26th

Recently straightened and alphabetizedAll day yesterday I kept thinking it was Sunday. Does anyone else do that on holidays? Bonus Sunday! Yay!

On Christmas Day when we came back home to let the dogs out and have a little nap time, I opted for (instead of napping) adding the knitting books I got for Christmas into my knitting bookshelf. (What, you don’t have different bookshelves for different subjects?!) Which meant that I had to alphabetize them – by size, since the shelves are different sizes. I divided them into Tall Books I Don’t Use Much, Short Books, and Tall Books I Go For Often. Too many more books and I’m going to have to move some of those stuffed sheep.

In other news, not much has changed – Rusty is still the same.

I’m technically “off” work this week, HAHAHAHA. Yet I’ve placed a bunch of supply orders, made soap, photographed yarn, and am bouncing around already this morning like a pachinko ball, trying to decide if I want to dye yarn for January sock club (and if so, what color), glaze bisque (which I need to do so I can fire the kiln Thursday), make soap (which I desperately need for restocks at both Wild Iris and Etsy), or straighten up my end-of-year financial paperwork. Gah. It’s only 9 AM and I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning. Some vacation, eh?! Well, whatever I decide to do, I’m knocking off no later than 3 so I can meet friends for knitting at 4. I’m already looking forward to that.

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