Wednesday, December 14th

HaldeSoap at Shake Rag in Melrose Yesterday was the kind of day where I aaaaaaaalmost bit off more than I could chew. I had to go to Melrose to take inventory at Shake Rag, and Mariana was coming over to do a work photo shoot so we could make some new ads to run on Ravelry, and for some reason I had it in my head as I was driving back from Melrose that I’d have time to dye yarn as well. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Even though I had about ten orders to put together, package, and take to the post office; and they weren’t small orders, which mean each one would take at least 20 minutes to wrap, pack, and label. Did you do that math in your head? Ten times twenty minutes is more than three hours. Which I put together, after I had started soaking the yarn, and so I never did start dyeing. Good thing, too – I didn’t even have time to get all ten packages together, I had to stop at six at 4:40 so I could get to the post office … and sure enough, I got there at about 4:55. Living on the edge! WoooooO!

Yesterday’s photo is of my soap display at the gift shop in Shake Rag. If you’re out near Melrose way, I recommend stopping in! They have coffee and snacks on Wednesday mornings, and live music in the church part. Yesterday it was the second time I’ve gone there and seen Karan Newman, who is the wife of a former co-worker (from That Place I mentioned yesterday). They’ve got the gift shop all decked out in Christmas right now, and it’s just so picturesque.

I love Christmas. I feel like I’m the only one of my friends who does; they’re all so much more in to Thanksgiving (which for some reason my Spell-check just wanted to change to “Transshipping”), or Halloween. But Christmas always has been and always will be my favorite. I love Christmas trees. I love the smell of them, the pine needles that drop towards the end of the season, and a green tree in big fat old-fashioned multi-colored lights is my favorite color (which is why I usually say “brown” because that’s just too hard to explain). I get sappy over movies like “Miracle on 34th Street” and anything with the Rankin-Bass name. I love to see presents start appearing under the tree for weeks before Christmas. I love Christmas morning, with family and hugs and laughter and “I saw this way back in February and thought of you and it’s been so hard not to tell you I had it!” Tim, though? Not nearly so into Christmas as I am. Before we hooked up, for him – what with not being near his family and all – it was just a day off where he could get some computer reading in. So needless to say, our house is not decorated. We put lights up maybe one out of every three years. We get a tree maybe every five. Presents don’t appear until about a day before, when I pack what little I have made into a box to take to Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s house. I’ve tried bringing them out into the living room a couple of weeks before, but Tim doesn’t bring any out of his office so they just look lonely. I don’t like knowing what all of them are, shouldn’t there be a surprise there for me? The wooden ornaments I have that I remember making with G-ma when I was four or five years old, don’t have a place to hang. My old miniature German set of lead figurines of skaters and carolers and park benches aren’t out on display out of the reach of Tiny Kittens. Every year this happens I feel my heart close up just a little bit more.  Soon I will be Scrooge.


I have a busy day ahead. I was supposed to fire the kiln today, but haven’t had time to glaze what I needed to glaze to fill it. And I need to dye yarn. So. Glazing. Dyeing yarn. Packages packaged and to the post office. Cookies need to be baked before that, so I can take those to the post office as well. And spinning with friends at 6. Day, ho!

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  1. When I was in college my family was stationed in Hawaii and I would use my one trip a year to see them for Christmas break even though it meant that overall we’d have less time together because the idea of being apart from them on Christmas was too overwhelmingly sad. I missed decorating for Christmas though. Mom always had everything up by the time I got there. So I took a miniature tree from my godmother’s garage and a short string of beads for garland. Then, I didn’t have any ornaments so I stuffed the branches with rubber ducks (people are always giving me rubber ducks, I have no idea why). My point is that I understand the wanting to decorate and make a big deal about Christmas even if no one else enjoys what you do to celebrate. Maybe you can enclose your figurines in glass or something so that you can see them but the kittens can’t reach but you can still see them? Maybe a smaller fake tree that is big enough to hang the most favorite ornaments and wouldn’t be a burden to bring out every year? You are far to vibrant to be a scrooge!

  2. Every year I’ve lived away from Chattanooga (2003-2010), we’ve not been at our residence for Christmas. As a result, this is only the second time we’ve put up our tree (although I do usually put out stockings…you know…for the cats).

    I was so pleased when Carl immediately said that we needed a taller tree for next year. 🙂

    My goal is to eventually have most of the tree covered in our annual engraved ornaments (we have *eight* now! hard to believe!), geeky/nerdy stuff, and stuff that we’ve made or have been given. I’m actually considering going near the mall today to buy pine cones at Joann’s 🙂

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