Skipping around

I haven’t done Tuesday yet, but here are a couple photos from Wednesday and our drive from South Bend to the Baltimore area –

Wednesday Top two – my haul from Loopy Yarns in Chicago (a skein of sock yarn, a skein of sport weight that will make a nice quick pair of socks for cold weather, a book for me, a book for Tim, and a free DVD). Middle two: bridges and tunnels (those are pretty self-explanatory). Bottom two: inside the tunnel, and Sock on the Road.

Mostly what we did on Wednesday was drive and drive. We got to David and Bonnie’s a little after dinner, and we sat up and chatted and reconnected (and Bonnie and I killed a bottle of wine). It just now occurred to me that we stayed with them for three days and I never got a photo of us together! Ack!

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