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Frankincense & Myrrh Exfoliating Soap Recently, I did a soap swap with one of my suppliers, Brambleberry. The rules were pretty simple; send in a dozen 5-oz bars, made with products from Brambleberry, and wrapped as if to sell or give. In return, you would get 12 different bars back after everyone had sent theirs in. I wanted to really “wow” people, so I sent in one of my favorites – Frankincense and Myrrh, with apricot seed for an exfolient, in the Celtic Knot Bar (I still have a few left, is that blatant pandering?). I like that mold because it reminds me so much of my beloved knitted cables (y’all knitters know how much I love a good cable pattern!). A couple of days ago – while I was sick, of course, and I still can’t really smell anything so I can’t honestly tell you how great they smell – I got my swap package.

Soap Swap Loot


Let’s start at the top, with the ball, and then I’ll go around in a clockwise circle increasing inwards. Keep in mind that I am still kind of sick, and can’t smell things 100% yet (stupid cold). And if there was an Etsy or other site on the packaging, I will link to that.

Ball – this is a warm vanilla sugar ball, made with goat’s milk and shea butter, with jojoba and grapeseed oil added. I do love vanilla sugar scent, so I’m sure I will like this! It did not say on it who made it.

Massage bar w/rubber band – not just any rubber band, but one of the ones that all the kids are into now, that’s shaped like something. One of my friend’s kids may get the rubber band after I’m done with the soap. This is a lavender with crushed lavender buds, and has a layer of clear soap on top of a layer of shea butter. Oh, and it is by Terri’s Touch.

Green bar – by The Paper Mermaid, this is called the “Jersey Beach Bar” and is a clear base with aqua pearl mica and genuine Cape May sand, and is scented like coconut. I can actually smell it a little, and it does remind me of being at the beach and slathering on the coconut suntan lotion!

Red & pink bar  – by The Bath Snob, this is a nag champa & yuza scented soap – I can actually smell it now, even with my cold; the nag champa calls to me! It also has different colored mica in it, to make the pink and the red. Very swirly and pretty!

Mosaic bar – by Indigo Moon, this one is a shea butter soap scented like moonlight pomegranate. Hey, you have me at pomegranate! I like the mosaic and layered technique that they used to make this soap.

Candy canes – by Lisa B’s Creations. It’s an almond biscotti scent in a white M&P base. I like how she did the candy canes a different color; I haven’t attempted that yet.

Ladybug – by Donna’s Creations. I haven’t smelled this scent before (still can’t, really… stupid cold…) but it’s called Summer Fling. The soap itself is a clear M&P but with sparkly red mica to color it.

Shell – I had just thought about combining these two fragrances together, so I’m excited to get this. It’s a lavender/patchouli blend, in a clear base. This is by Wonder Turtle soaps.

Flowers – this is by Barclay’s Soap Box and must have taken a lot of work – I didn’t realize when taking the picture that this one was mostly covered up by the label. It’s got five different flowers on it and each flower is a different color. It says “tomato leaf” on the front but what with this cold and my nose being pretty intermittent with the working, I can’t smell it right now. Very cute label, though!

Pastel bar – this is by The Soap Queen herself, and is both multi-base and multi-scent (seriously, like five different scents, one for each layer)… and has a cute little eraser inside of it (which I will also probably pass on to one of my friend’s kids, if they like erasers shaped like green pigs, Kelsey, I’m looking at you here).

Bubble Bakery – to be honest, this one had me at the packaging – kind of retro and funky, and I really like the label! This one is scented like grapefruit and also has organic dill weed in it – I can’t wait to try this one as I love grapefruit. It may be the first one I open. They  have their own website, which I might lose myself in.

Pink with black bird – another Barclay’s Soap Box, this one scented in Moroccan Mint. I can smell this one, but just very faintly (have I mentioned yet that I am ready to be over this cold?!). Very good multi-layer work on this one, with a few white swirls over the black of the bird.

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