Fiber-In 2010

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We had such a great time at the Florida Fiber-In! For being such a small gathering, it sure did pack a lot of fun into itself.

Ginger and I got there Friday a little bit later than we’d intended, but still in time to be mostly set up before the dealer’s room opened at 6 PM. Sharon had to work late, and got there, if I remember correctly, a little bit after 9 PM. The rest of the evening was really just all of us sitting around with our knitting and our crochet and our spinning wheels, catching up with old friends.

Saturday was primarily business, with Ginger stepping out every now and then for a drop-spindle demo or individual lesson (the drop spindles were QUITE popular, and I am just mercenary enough to hope that some of them get hooked and want to buy wheels from us next year, if not sooner). We broke for dinner, a huge group of us, and then came back to spend the rest of the night not unlike the night before – drinking, chatting, spinning… it was wonderful. I actually faded before a good portion of the people; I hear the room didn’t empty out until almost one in the morning.

Sunday was a bit of the same, if quieter. If vendors hadn’t left already, they were slowly packing up. We waited until the last moment to pack up (I am willing to take someone’s money as long as they’re willing to spend it!) and hit the road at about lunchtime.

It was whirlwind – WHIRLWIND, I tell you – but it was also a lot of fun, I got so much spinning done it was insane, and it was lovely to reconnect with old friends and to make new ones. Already I can not wait until next year!

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