March: in like a lion on skates and out again just as fast

I swear, I blinked and March disappeared.Actually, it felt like… like one of those episodes of a show that’s the ep right before the good ep? It’s not a great episode, but not a bad episode; it feels like just filler. Marking time until the episode where shit happens comes on.

Tim spent about a week wrangling the acrylic under control; I still haven’t gotten a “finished” photo even though the box has been in the back of my car for about three weeks. I keep forgetting to call the girl who runs the donation group. The child-sized red rocking chair from my mom was very very appreciated (watching Little K push it around the shop like a grocery cart gives me the serious giggles). I took an awful lot of photos of things blooming – it is just that time of year. And I temporarily dyed my hair purple. Funnily, the brown just looks like a redder brown, and the gray looks pink. But I kind of like it and after my next donation to Locks of Love, I might streak it. Jenn and I spent a couple Tuesdays hanging out, which meant our girlies got a lot of playtime. Tim and I also met good friends Katherine and Lynne for lunch, and need to resolve to do that at least once a month (instead of once ever six months) because we used to see them almost every day and DUDES THEY ARE SO FUN and I miss them lots. I wish I could box them up and give them as gifts. We also went up to Kelly & Evan’s for the best pot luck dinner ever, but I suck and forgot to bring my camera.

I finished knitting exactly… onetwo …(edited to add: three; make that four, wtf I can’t count) things this month. Not that I didn’t spend a lot of time knitting – I did! – but I spent a lot of time working on many different projects; some for work, some not. April should see the finish of a handful of things.

The deconstruction of Publix continued to make our plaza appear closed, or sort of post-apocalyptic, but at least they’ve started building. At the same time they are closing many of the median strips along 16th (some of them they’re re-engineering, but everything looks rather vague and we’re getting conflicting information so who knows what the fuck is going on). Also at work I wrapped up the three-month long Central Park Hoodie class that I taught, although I still have a bit of work to do on mine. And I did even more dyeing, because that’s how I roll.

Now… what will April bring…?

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