Things that haven’t even made it to my “to do” list

There are many things on my daily “to do” list. Some of them, like “get through the day without killing someone” usually get accomplished. Things like “clean out the cat boxes” mostly don’t. You’d think my awesome day-planner would help with things like that, wouldn’t you? Yeah. Somehow it doesn’t, really. Wednesday’s first thing to do is usually “shit that didn’t get done Monday”, and that carries on throughout the week. (Note: I have found that making notes in Outlook doesn’t really help either – I just either ignore them or tick them as done so they stop bothering me. FAIL!)

I have a bonus day off coming up soon – we’re going to close the shop for Easter! I wonder if I can get any of the following things done that day…

– Photograph and label my fiber (“to be spun”) stash like my yarn stash, as I tend to lose tags and this way if I photograph it with the tag my chances of figuring out what it is might be better.

– Weed the vegetable garden on the off-chance I find a bag of money in the street and can buy/plant some vegetables.

– Not so much weed the front yard as much as cut back everything that died in the unusual cold we had this last winter.

– CLEAN OFF MY DESK. Y’all, this is reaching epic levels of potential tragedy. I look like a hoarder of piles of books and papers. One day one of these piles is going to fall over on me and squash me like a grape.

– Maybe unpack a box or two left over from cleaning out my dad’s office back in 2004. SHUT UP. I know, I know.

– Clean out and paint the closet in the bedroom that somehow has been ignored since we repainted the bedroom back in 2003. If the paint is even still any good. Holy crap, I don’t even know what’s IN that closet. I haven’t taken anything out of it (other than a jacket) in seven years. Maybe I can just toss a grenade in there.

– Take down the hanging baskets along the front of my house that have dead plants in them, clean out the deadness, and either take trimmings from other plants that haven’t died or stack the empty baskets in the tool shed.

– Fire the kiln! I have some overdue Christmas presents. Which at this point may become almost-on-time birthday presents. Sigh.

– Dye my hair purple.

– Run away to an undisclosed location for about 48 hours, with no internet, no phone, no responsibility. Maybe even no husband or dogs. Just me, a porch with a view, a bottle of wine (or three) and a really engrossing book.

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  1. Clean out that closet. Then you’ll have a place to Put Stuff. Don’t paint it. You’d have to wait for it to dry, and you’re just gonna fill it up with Other Stuff anyway. Now things are organised and you’ll feel better. Dye hair purple. All else can wait.

    1. The last one sounds best… This has been working for me:

      Set a timer for 15 minutes. Start on the closet. When the timer goes off, throw away, put away or give away whatever is out. Close closet. Later on or another day, do another 15 minutes.

      Same with the desk. Check out for tips. You can do anything for 15 minutes. It didn’t get that way in a day, so don’t expect it to be better in a day.

      Hope this helps. Love, Aunt Gay

  2. If you haven’t needed it or missed it enough to dig it out of that closet in 7 years you don’t really need or want it! So in honor of baseball season starting..Pitch IT!!!! Then you will have more room for really important stuff like yarn and wine!!!! Love you!

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