These signs by TrustoCorp can cloud up my scenery any time!

If my dad was still around, I would be getting him these awesome record coasters for Father’s Day this year!

House for sale, if you and your dong need a private world unto yourselves.

Now, I do loves me some LOST… but this is a question I have been pondering for a while: Why does every single lady on this show end up with a baby and a boyfriend and also occasionally lethal injuries?

As someone whose favorite vampires DO NOT SPARKLE, oh hells yes I am down with this – Down for the Count.

Hahahaha, grammar, you slay me. Headline Fails never fail to amuse.

OK, so while I have no desire to watch this new show, this promo poster for it has me in stitches. Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!!!! (ooo! And I get to tag this post with “zombies” now! SCORE.)

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