Wait, where did my February go?

I swear it was just here on my desk; maybe I put some papers on top of it. If I find it I will let you know!

In February I tried to make an effort to walk the dog more, and sometimes that even happened. But mostly thwarted by my inability to make myself leave the house at less than 40 degrees, I was glad that Jenn brought Chloe over a lot and the puppies could romp instead. I learned how to do basketweave icing on a cake (it’s not perfect, but perfect is the enemy of finished! Also it was tasty!). I also learned how to make Lobster Ravioli and even with as easy as it was using the won-ton wrappers, I think I want to step it up a notch by learning how to make pasta. What’s wrong with me?! I hate cooking! Speaking of hate, I also had that horrible dentist appointment. And felted a sweater. GO TEAM A;DLJFA;DFJA;DJF!!!. Ending February on a good note, though, on the last day of the month Tim and I went to visit my mom.

Whoa – I guess since I have a couple of large projects on the needles right now, I thought I hadn’t finished much knitting in February. NOT TRUE. In this quicker month I actually beat out January by having one, two, three, four, five, six, seven finished objects. I blame bad weather and exciting Olympic TV watching.

Our plaza started to look closed as Joanne’s and Publix began to be demolished, but in the words of Dante Hicks, “I assure you we are open!”. I did a lot of dyeing in February (yay, sock club yarn!). And we also had a very successful Uptown Art Hop! And some days the sweetness in the shop just kills me.

And that was February.

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  1. Nice recap! You are reminding me that I haven’t blogged since, like, 2004. I had a pretty crazy February myself, filled with lots of craftiness and exercise (yes, I said it!). Maybe one or two people are left reading my blog. Maybe I should test this theory out but actually posting and seeing if I get a response.

    Sending you hugs from soggy SF!

    1. Hugs back atcha, and thanks! It occurred to me last month when I’m all “aaaaa too busy to blog aaaaa!” that what with all the cellphone pics and my daily photos that I could easily do a recap and maybe mention things that I forget to mention here daily because I’m all aldfkja;ldfja;dfj!!! all the time.

      PS. What is this earth thing called “exercise” of which you speak?!

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