Unca Joe has been set free!

If you want the great news, skip right to the last one!

Wednesday –

Joe was in the best shape he’s been since September 19, the day this whole thing started. He walked across the room without help, got himself in and out of bed several times, sat up for a long time, ate well, talked about the future for the first time. Several doctors consulted and decided not to do anything invasive yet. He’s on a new antibiotic that seems to be making him feel much better. They’ll keep him on it in the hospital at least through the weekend. They’ll do another CT scan in a few days. I went to dinner with the CFG and had a lively conversation with Mike Resnick. Love, Gay

Thursday –

Another good day. Joe walked with a walker with me and later with the PT lady. He sat up for every meal. He enjoyed visits from Steve Leigh and Joel Zakem. He got his first full shower since September and loved it. Love, Gay

Friday –

Yet another good day. Joe was up all day and walked with a walker. The doc said he was doing well; the antibiotic is clearly hitting the infection. Another CT scan tomorrow to see if there’s still something going on inside. Keep your fingers crossed that there isn’t. Love, Gay

Saturday –

CT scan says Joe’s pancreas is functioning well. Yay! He’ll stay on IV antibiotics in the hospital until at least Monday. Then probably back to the Drake Center for more physical therapy. We were hoping to get him out into the real world, but he’s still pretty weak. He says he doesn’t feel quite so much like he’s walking around on Jupiter any more, but it’s still hard work. He had another shower today that he enjoyed immensely. I stopped for a beautiful pair of deer to cross the road. Joe said I saved some doe and passed the buck. Love, Gay

Sunday –

Joe slept long hours last night, unusual for him. I was able to get him outside in the 70-degree sunshine for a half hour in a wheelchair. He walked twice, once by himself. He may go to the Drake Center for rehab work tomorrow. Wish I could take him home. Love, Gay

Monday –

Joe is still in the hospital, still feeling pretty well, though weak. He’s off the IV antibiotics, on to pills. Stay tuned… We were talking about whether we have winter clothes here, since we arrived in September. Joe asked if he had a tie. Why? “In case I win a Nobel Prize.”

He said he and Rusty were going to run the very slow marathon—twenty six miles in a year. Love, Gay

Also on Monday, Unca Joe popped in and commented on the Question of the Week… making me feel like something had happily clicked back into place in the universe.

Tuesday –

Joe’s out of the hospital! I talked to the doc yesterday about the pros and cons of the rehab hospital. He let me take Joe home to the condo today! Joe did tell him that he’d be willing to go to Drake, but they might have to put bars on the windows. I think he’ll do much better at home, where he can cook, paint, write. We had a very long day, waiting for all paperwork, etc., to be finished. We found out for sure he was leaving the hospital at about 9AM, but didn’t leave until 5PM, exhausted. He’s escaped! 52 days in the hospital. Love, Gay

And here’s a photo. We look like we’re ready to ruuuuuuumble!

Group shot

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  1. That’s awesome! I’m glad they were able to convince docs to head “home” rather than to another hospital. Hospital settings just aren’t conducive to healing and rest. 52 days! Wow. I bet he’ll enjoy real home cooked food too!

  2. I knew he’d wear them down. Doing what he likes around folks he likes will get him back up to speed much faster. Go Joe!

  3. I have been following the saga thanks to Aunt Gay’s updates on Uncle Joe’s facebook.. I am really, really glad to see this photo – talk about mumbledy mumble years since I saw a photo and all 🙂 Thank you for posting.

  4. As my grandmother says, MAZEL TOV!!

    Much love to you guys…feeling grateful you have been surrounded by so many loving and helping people.


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