OK, last fast check-up post

OK, last fast check-up post

Maybe. I feel like things are happening so fast these days all I have time to do, maybe, is a paragraph here and there. I keep thinking “oh I should just wait and do one longer post about this, or one longer post about that” and then I think “wait, that’s how I fell out of blogging, I didn’t feel I had enough time to do it PERFECTLY so I just didn’t do it, and then I missed it.” So. On we go, then!

Peppa Potato and the Search for Food She Will Eat on a Regular Basis

So after a few weeks of changing dry food, giving her more dry food and less wet food together, giving her less dry food and more wet food together, changing wet food, changing dry food again, and trying two of every wet food they had at Petsmart, I think I’ve discovered her reason for thumbing her nose randomly at breakfast or dinner.

She doesn’t like the same wet food twice in a row.

She likes to watch me put the food in the bowl. She is more likely to ignore it if I mix it up and put it down while she’s still outside, and can’t see me.

She also doesn’t like large kibble, only small kibble. I guess for her teensy delicate flower of a mouth?

She will not eat only dry food by itself. She would probably love to eat wet food by itself, but I believe in dry food for the cronch/teeth cleaning.

OK then. Half a cup of Beneful Small Dog dry dog food it is, along with a 3-oz can of a variety of wet dog foods in different flavors (same brand is apparently OK, just not the same flavor), twice a day.

Lord grant me patience.

We went to the dump! I had to laugh and laugh because it was Rosemary Hill, and I used to do up the DEP reports for the water quality there, and being there made me miss working with Katherine. Not miss working at Jones Edmunds, mind you, but miss working with Katherine.

Did you know that residents of Clay County can drop off 500 pounds of trash for free there, every month? We dropped off 440 pounds of junk and I was fully prepared to pay for it, but no! And we could do another 60 if we wanted to, before the 28th. Gods I wish I’d known that before, I would have been dropping off a truck full every other week. Of course, I just now got the trailer, so it would have been in the back of my car, but… anyway, I’m glad to know it. Even though I wish I’d known it when we were cleaning out the garage last summer. Well, hindsight.

This little paragraph is probably going to turn into it’s own blog post. I’ve been told for a while that I need to do more videos. Heck, I even WANT to do more videos! But my god, I just do not see how people do it. In no particular order, here are some of my thoughts on videos. Like I said, I’ll probably expand this into a blog post because I have T H O U G H T S.

  • How do you take videos that are long without draining the battery on your phone?
  • Do you also plug in your phone? What if you don’t have a plug nearby?
  • Why can’t I find a more solid (not bendy, but still articulated) clampable ring light that is also a holder and will hold either a phone OR a camera?
  • I have a perfectly good camera I just bought last year that I could be taking amazing videos on.
  • Why can’t the ratio of videos be the same for both YouTube and TikTok?
  • If I want to upload photos directly to Patreon, I have to pay them more money.
  • Is that worth it? If I can upload the videos to YouTube, mark them as private and only viewable if you share the link, and then I only share the link on Patreon?
  • But I don’t think I can share TikTok videos to Patreon.
  • So I have to make a video for YouTube with that ratio, and a second video for TikTok with that ratio?
  • That sounds… time consuming. Both in taking the video and then processing it for the different places.
  • Not to mention that a lot of the things I would video, are things that happen once. I can’t shoot two different ratios at the same time.
  • Unless I am shooting portrait with my phone and landscape with my camera. See need for ring light that attaches both yet is also strong enough to hold both.
  • Or I give up on shooting either portrait, or landscape, and just do everything the same even though it’ll look fucked up on one or the other.
  • Can my camera shoot in portrait? Because I don’t think so. I think it’ll only shoot video in landscape.
  • I have looked at so many ring lights I am dreaming of ring lights.
  • I have watched so many videos about how to shoot videos that I’ve decided my workspace is entirely too messy to be seen on video.
  • I now need another building entirely in which to shoot video, one where I don’t actually do any work, I just … make videos. So it will always be clean.
  • I don’t want a tripod that stands on the table. I have one now that I don’t use (it’s just for the camera and is not also a light) because I generally don’t have that kind of table space free for the footprint of a tripod.
  • I don’t want a tripod that stands on the floor, because there’s no way I could configure whatever phone or camera I was using to shoot the video in a place that would be both still on the tripod and at a place/angle good for viewing what I’m doing.

My eyes are crossing, y’all.

I used to have a District Manager, when I worked for B&N, who would always say “Are you managing your store, or is your store managing you?” (I mean, technically, that’s a question, but he would state it as if he didn’t really want to hear an answer). Lately I feel like my work is managing me. Or my life is managing my work. I’m getting a lot of paperwork done but not much else, and I miss getting my fingers in clay. Plus, things are going wrong here and there because I’m distracted… and stuff like this happens. Not cool, glaze. Not cool.

Quick update; I filled out the online paperwork for the doggy day-care/boarding place, and scheduled a meet-and-greet. I emailed my vet and asked them to email her records (like it says to, online) and just to be sure, I emailed what I have, as well, since I wasn’t sure if my vet would send in the pre-them paperwork and I wanted the doggy place to see that she’d had shots before getting to my vet. They emailed me back within a couple of hours and said “yeah, great, but she’s not been vaccinated for Canine Influenza, so until you do that, we want nothing to do with you.” I mean, it was mildly nicer than that, but still. So I called my vet to get her scheduled for a Canine Influenza vax, and… they don’t do that. It’s a vaccine that nobody seems to want unless there’s an outbreak, and there hasn’t been an outbreak in Clay County for a few years, and the costly vaccine would expire before they could use it all, so… they just don’t offer it. But I am welcome to call around to other local vets and see if they offer it, and if they will give it to dogs that they aren’t the actual full-time vet for.


Everything is awesome.


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