Let’s do this, Monday!

Let’s do this, Monday!

…. ah, shit. It’s Saturday, isn’t it. Well that pretty much sums up my week.

I haven’t really gotten much work done this week, but I have arranged travel plans for the Florida Fiber-In, for NecronomiCon, and for a week-long Disney birthday trip with the fam. So I’ve accomplished things… I just don’t get to enjoy them for a while. I do still need to line up someone to help me at Big Bang Bazaar at the end of August (and get a place to stay) … but I am going to hit up some Orlando friends before I panic about that. Even though it is only about five weeks away and holy shit I need to start making things! What the hell is wrong with me these days that I feel so lackadaisical about everything? “BBB isn’t until August! I have lots of time!” Bitch, August is in 16 DAYS. Jeez, y’all. My brain has just gone full-on Scarlett O’Hara; tomorrow is another day. Yes, yes, brain, it is. And each one of those days gets you closer to a deadline so GET TO WORK.

I haven’t even really been opening my bullet journal lately, which is always a sign something is amiss. Either the layout isn’t working for me, or I have things to do that I know I haven’t even written down, or I have things I’m so far behind on that I don’t want to think about it. I changed journals two weeks ago, having reached the end of one, and I haven’t even really put in all the info I need, into the new one yet. Why? Tomorrow is another day! Sigh. Sounds like I need a “come to Jesus” moment with my dayplanner – do what’s called a “rapid log” (hahaha, I almost typed “RABID log”) wherein I just take one page and make a list of everything I need to do that I feel like I’ve let slip or forgotten part of.

Part of my fumbling around like a pachinko ball, I realize as I’m typing this, is that I mailed out the last round of yarn club this week, and I always feel a little lost when I do that. It’s like being in a floating, in-between stage (purgatory?)… I don’t have a yarn deadline for next month, all I have to do is think about colorways for the next round, and hopefully sell lots of spots for it. There’s no real work with that, just thinking and advertising…. it’s a weird place to be in after three months of dye!dye!dye!wind!wind!wind!mail!mail!mail! … now there’s just… think!think!think! and HopePeopleBuy!.

Part of it is also that I’m talking to about six different people about custom orders. I love custom orders, don’t get me wrong – but I think because of that yarn ball mug thing, I live in fear that I’m going to drop the ball on something. And because I started talking to a lot of them before the tonsil thing, and then dropped off the face of the earth for about ten days, I just last week had to write about half of them starting off with apologies for radio silence. And do you know what each one of them said? “Dude, you’ve been sick. Don’t worry about it. I trust you.” ….. I have the kindest customers, I really do.

So perhaps today I will take an hour or so and do a page of rapid logging in my planner, and make another page (or two) of current custom orders and what stage they’re at, and plot out when things need to happen for them…. my bullet journal really is my offsite brain; my external storage hard drive, if you will, for when the RAM of my brain is full and spinning.

One thing I did do last week that I am mighty proud of, is clean out about three trash bags worth of “piles of maybe important things”. I had, uh, lost a credit card – one of those “here’s your new one, call to activate” things and I’d put it very smartly in a pile of Really Important Papers… and fucked if I know what happened to it. Well, I needed it to plan our Disney trip, so that meant not resting until I found it. Man, did I clear out a bunch of crap! So that is something to crow about. It might not sound like much, but… man. Three trash bags of “maybe I’ll need this slip of paper one day” piles. Turns out I probably don’t need those slips of paper. Now I have some clean flat surfaces… that won’t last long, hahahahaha. Flat surfaces are not safe near me, I am my father’s daughter and we are both Agents of Chaos.

Right, then. Off to shower and get ready to face my day… Let’s do this, Saturday!


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