One day down, five to go

One day down, five to go

I got a lot done yesterday, but I had to go back to work for about an hour after dinner to get it all accomplished.

I got two coats of glaze on a table of bisque (I’d gotten the first coat on the day before), and also bisque fired the kiln again – as soon as I hit “post” on this I’ll go open the kiln and load in what I glazed yesterday. Then today I’ll need to get three coats on a few more things, load them in, and tomorrow I’ll fire the big kiln again.

I got six skeins of yarn wound, which doesn’t sound like much but it’s six more than I’ve gotten wound all week. I have about another 15 to go.

I got about 40 bars of soap made, and another 40 I made over the weekend shrink-wrapped. I’ll get the shrink-wrapped ones fully wrapped and labeled today (well, that’s my plan anyway). I also (and this is what I did after dinner) printed out and cut all the soap labels I’ll need for all the soap, shrink-wrapped or still drying.

Did I mention the approximately 100 tubes and tins of lip balm I made Sunday? I need to get those labeled – probably won’t happen until I’m done with soap, unless I bring it all into the house and label it while watching TV and “relaxing” after dinner. I’m hoping to bring those to GLAM, but if I can’t get them labeled in time I’ll definitely have them for Big Bang Bazaar.

I also answered some email, ordered some supplies, took care of social media, fixed two problems on the website, and cooked dinner. And I did my laundry, although it’s still sitting in the dryer since I didn’t start it until after dinner.

Why is it that every year I say “next year I’m not going to get down to the last minute with craft show stuff” and then the next year I’m down to the last minute? I have a goal of having a selection of things ready to go at a moment’s notice for shows – things that I don’t have up online so I won’t need to take them out of stock and clean them up and put price tags on them, and that was actually one of the reasons I was lobbying for a larger place! With more space I’d have the room to have stock I didn’t have out for sale… there was no way that’d happen in the Gainesville house. Space was too much at a premium to be able to sacrifice a few square feet to something I’d only need a couple of times a year. Even though the mental cost of scrambling at the end of the year was high, also. Here, the cost of space is lower because I have so much more of it… and I’m scrambling to make things at the end of the year. BUT! I’m making so much of it that a good portion of it, I think, I’m not going to put online to sell when I’m done. I’ll take an inventory of it but then leave it in my craft show boxes, ready for the next show, and with just a few things to make to restock (or new things).

OK! On to more coffee, opening the kiln, and more coffee. Seize the day! Or, in my case, seize the clay. HAHAHAHAHA I slay me.

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