HaldeCraft has a new look!

HaldeCraft has a new look!

Hey, all! Just a quick note to say that if you notice that HaldeCraft looks a little different… you haven’t gone mad! Yesterday, the site looked like this –


And now it looks like this –


Overall nothing has deeply changed, as far as products go (I did take the time to go through some things that folks haven’t shown an interest in, and went ahead and took them off the site – they may appear marked down at shows in the future).

Hopefully navigation may be a little easier when looking for categories. I’ve only put the most popular categories on the front page, like so —


… and other categories can be found by hovering over and pressing the “Products” button, like this –


Or you can just double-click on the the “Products” button to be taken to a page where you can see all the categories, even the subcategories –


Most everything should still be the same, though, just in different colors. But feel free to drop me a line if something is wonky, or if you can’t find something you’re looking for!

Thanks, y’all!

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