The waiting is the hardest part

The waiting is the hardest part

It looks like I’m getting an early birthday present of a hurricane. Thanks, Mother Nature? You made me something yourself?

I was going to fire the kiln Thursday, for opening on Friday, with a custom order in it to photograph and mail out… now I’m going to try to finish glazing a couple of things pretty much as soon as I hit “post” on this because Friday’s weather might be bad enough that I won’t want to leave the property to go to the post office. So if I can fire today, open the kiln tomorrow, and take the piece to the post office late Thursday….? Because depending on which way Matthew drifts, and if we lose power, we might lose power long enough to make this custom order even later than it already is. Ugh.

And I also need to go to the grocery store… which, to be fair, I needed to do anyway. Candles, lighters, batteries, battery-powered lamps, oil and oil lamps, water, cat food, dog food, cat litter, toilet paper, beer… we have all that already. But I needed to get a few things for the next couple of dinners, and I should add some things to that which we can eat without cooking (bread, lunch meat, more peanut butter, etc.) just in case we lose power.

Waiting to see what the hurricane is going to do is the worst part (well, no, I suppose being hit head-on by an Andrew or a Hugo would be worse). Which way is it going to go? Another ten or twenty miles out into the Atlantic, even straight up the coast, and all we’ll get is rain. If it centers up the beach, though, or just inland, we’ll be moving all the cats and dogs (and people) into my studio, which is concrete block and only one window.

OK; I’ve got to go glaze some ceramics….!

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