Head like a hole

Head like a hole

My head is always so full after Fiber-In. As stressful as it is to get ready for an out-of-town, weekend-long show, being there is actually quite relaxing. I get to spin all weekend long, pretty much any time I’m not helping someone or eating, so I get that zen calm that comes from the meditation of the wheel, and also just every one is so *kind*. There are smiles everywhere, I think the only “argument” I heard was that Tom Baker is a better Doctor than Matt Smith could ever be (and sistah, I hear ya, but let the young child in love with Matt Smith have some dreams).




And I get to talk to people all weekend long about my process and my products.

And I get to see my products with their eyes, and I forget how important that is, because I work at home and I sell online and while sure, people give me feedback and reviews, it’s much different being able to see body language and small facial expressions when people pick something up and hold it. A craft show lets me see things from a buyer’s point of view, and a weekend-long craft show where the same people come by multiple times lets me see things I might have missed the first time they looked at something.

Watching people look at my babies all weekend long fills my head with thoughts. I think about different ways to display things. I think about different colors to make things in. I think about different things to bring next year. I think about changes to make to my show set-up. I think about what not to bring, what to quit making, what to make just a bit differently, what to say to people about what I do, what questions I can try to answer even before they ask. And all of that fills my head and the drive home is either usually me being quiet as I contemplate or loud as I talk every little thing out of my head (luckily for Jenn she got the quiet-but-for-singing-with-the-radio version).

So, my head feels full as I fall down the rabbit-hole of contemplation, but of course I have a thousand things to do today (like get yarn club out, and all the weekend orders – I had more online sales this weekend than I have in the last two weeks!) so today will be both busy and introspective. Then I think I’m going to take a couple days “off” and just putter and ignore people. And think!

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