Fiber-In, ho!

Fiber-In, ho!

Wait, what’d you call me?


I’m off to Fiber-In, in Orlando, in a couple of hours. Tim is staying home with the dogs, and cooking lots of good food for his family, which he’ll take out to Amy’s park some time this weekend (he’s making enough for loads of leftovers, so she doesn’t have to cook for the first week or two of the new baby – who isn’t here yet, but will allegedly make her way into the world tomorrow). Jenn is coming with me for the first time – whooo, girl’s weekend! I was telling Tim during dinner last night I need to stop and get some vodka for our cranberry juice, and he was like, “wait, are you partying? Or working?”. Uhm, yes?


The picture at the top is from last year, 2015. The one right above is from the year before, 2014. Hmm, do I have one from 2013….?


Then, everything else I have before this is from when we would vend as Hanks Yarn & Fiber, or when Sharon and I would go as people, before we opened the yarn store.

Jeez, last year, I was really in the dark – which is funny, because all three years in that hotel, I was in the same spot – it just kept getting darker and darker (which reminds me, I should put those lights in the car, just in case I wind up needing them).

This year it’s in a new hotel, so… I have no idea! Hopefully I won’t be in the darkest corner.

Here’s a problem with me, with doing events … I know that about a week, two weeks before the event, I should send out an email and start doing a blog post or two about the event, to drum up interest. But then I get so busy during those two weeks getting ready for the event, I don’t have time to advertise the event. Gah! Catch-22 much? Maybe this year I should write a blog post when I get back, but set it to auto-post in 2017. Blargh.

OK, gotta go. I need to leave here in a little over an hour, and that means I should shower and put on pants. Ugh, pants.

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