So, now that the anniversary party is over, and I’m almost out of pre-blogged knitting projects (three more on the list, although I have finished one or two more things since I pre-blogged all of these back in, oh, March)… what should I blog about? I have both ALL THE IDEAS and no ideas whatsoever. Most of my ideas revolve around the property, which has still been a comedy of errors, you know, depending on what you consider comedy… I could blog about my TMJ (jaw pain! all the time! much suckage!)… I could blog about the studio (finally a working bathroom! every time I use it I want to text Amy and thank her for installing my toilet!)… I could blog about the lively wildlife around here (angry crows! curious deer! scaredy frogs!)… I could blog about my broken finger (almost healed! graduated PT! only scar tissue to work down with massage!)… I could blog about how Fiber-in is in about two weeks and all the things I have in the works for it (new yarn bowls! new stitch markers! me and Rhea, having a girls weekend away!)… uh, actually, that sounds like everything right there in a nutshell, so why should someone want to read a longer post about all those things? Dangit! I outsmarted myself!

Seriously, though. Last week after the party, which was also my first week after having graduated from physical therapy, I threw myself into some work because I could; I had the time, I had the physical ability. So I did. I also slept a lot (and want more sleep, honestly). Now I’m ready to get back to being social, as well.

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