The light at the end of the tunnel

Last year I tried to take a vacation, and HAHAHAHAHA! I had more questions, more problems, more messages on multiple platforms *after* I posted I was on vacation than in the two weeks previously (“hey, since you’re taking some time off, let’s talk about what I want to order when you get back to work!”). This year I’m not even trying. Or am I? Maybe I’ve been on vacation and just haven’t told anyone, so that I’d get left alone? MUHUWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Actually, I’ve been wrapping packages, and going through Kleenex like Ding-Dongs.

I think today calls for USPS home pickup. ;-) #craftlife

This has been my view for the last week, which is AWESOME. This means I can do things like buy that laser printer, the new tablet, order a bunch of supplies that I don’t need yet but will (and can afford to), and even, eventually, give myself a bit of a paycheck so that I can go out and buy some Christmas presents. Of course by the time I have time, all that will be left are probably bear-shaped footie slippers at WalMart (so I hope, family, that you like bear-shaped footie slippers, because guess what you’re getting this year?! HAHAHAHAH!).

I’ve been sick, too, which is just grand when I’m busy. I’ve been corresponding first thing in the morning, then getting orders together and going to the post office and other errands, and then coming home and staring at the wall wondering what I was thinking about trying to do a few days ago and did I ever finish it. I’m so confused and frazzled that this last weekend not only did I mess up the dates for a Christmas party, showing up a day early (and then not knowing if I’d be able to get back on the right day)… but then when my aunt called me to tell me they weren’t coming home Sunday as planned, but that she’d call me when they were, I totally forgot to go by her house and get the mail. I was sick as a dog on Monday and didn’t think about doing anything other than getting orders out, and then Tuesday the only thing I was trying to keep in my head (besides getting orders out) were to not forget to pick them up at the airport. Totally forgot to go get their mail. Sigh. At least I didn’t go get their mail and take it to a Christmas party on the wrong day…?

Hark! Is this a Sick Day which I see before me? #workathome #mugshotmonday #handmadequilt

When I’m not wrapping packages and answering messages, this is my view.

Today I’m still feeling snotty. I was feeling better this morning, but that has passed and now all I want to do is go to bed. Dinner? Pff. Whatever. NyQuil is my dinner.

But the Christmas rush is almost over. It’s almost time for me to start slowing down, thinking of what to give my family, and maybe taking a few days off.

And aren’t we buying a house soon? Fucked if I know, we still haven’t heard from the bank. Blargh!

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