This week, by the numbers.

This week is going to be hectic. Bring it! #mugshotmonday #ceramics #mug #putabirdonit42 skeins of yarn for yarn club wound.

34 sets of yarn club swag finished.

2 meals with Tim’s aunt and uncle, in town for his uncle’s granddaughter’s graduation.

4 International club packages mailed.

12 skeins of yarn for next month’s club dyed.

6 more people signed up for club.

6 skeins of yarn for this month’s club about to be dyed.

6 more sets of swag about to be made.

2 spots of Ravelry advertising purchased.

9 bars of soap set aside for donation to Peaceful Paths (one brain needed to remember to actually donate it).

1 book on ceramic studio design devoured.

9 pieces of greenware cleaned.

0 loads of laundry done.

4 catboxes cleaned, twice.

36 bars of soap made.

0 bars of soap wrapped because HUMIDITY.

3 belated emails answered (lord knows how many forgotten).

2 check-ins with Tim’s sister, who is staying with their parents while their mother has some surgery.

0 dogs walked.

1 dog pee found on floor because of dog who is afraid to pee outside when it’s raining.

0 books read (other than on ceramic studio design).

1 vet called to get the puppies check-ups scheduled.

1 windshield repaired from mysterious sudden crack that I forgot to get a photo of.

2 times went to post office; going for 3 in a few minutes.

1 time fortuitously met postman driving down road while on way to post office, got to hand him my packages and just go on to grocery store.

…. is that all I did this week? Wait, isn’t that enough?

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