Question of the Week: Childhood & School

Question of the Week: Childhood & School

Did you enjoy PE class in school? What were your favorite classes?

Heck no, I didn’t enjoy PE. I was a lazy slug even back then! I don’t know that I truly enjoyed much of school. I loved learning, but being smart got you ridiculed by the other kids. Then you got into a feedback loop of the teachers telling you they don’t understand why you’re not applying yourself, and mercilessly teased by horrible mean children on the bus. So I hear.

I liked art, I liked drama. Nobody’s art was “wrong”, and in drama class you didn’t have to be yourself. I liked Concert Chorus, the year I took that in high school. Didn’t like PE. Didn’t like math. Liked science but didn’t want to appear that I did. I took a geology class in college that was entirely too much fun, it was hardly like taking classes at all. Also in college I liked my anthropology and humanities classes. But grade school? Middle? High school? Ugh.

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  1. I liked PE well enough but it wasn’t sportsing enough for me. 😉 My best subject was probably English, aside from Gr 10 when I had some teacher conflicts. My overly intellectual gr 9 and 11 teacher and I had some great discussions. Math and science… just no.

  2. I was not good at any form of P.E. ever inflicted. Nobody could explain to me how volleyball was going to “prepare my body for motherhood.” I got a black eye in basketball when a tall girl’s elbow hit me. In HS we had to leave the building and walk to the “Y” for swimming and get back to school again. In college we actually had the famous half-naked “posture pictures” taken of us. At least in HS the smart kids were the cool kids, and singing madrigals was the best thing every day. (ask your Mom).
    We’re still friends.

  3. Yes, Madrigals was probably the best fun we could ever have. ( And nice that it resulted in a life-long friend. ) Does that count as PE? We were exercising our lungs you know. But I enjoyed the walks to the Y to swim as I always loved swimming ever since learning how at Girl Scout camp and a Y camp starting at maybe age 8. (And it got us out of the building, FEEEDOM, and a chance to walk around a part of the city that is sort of picturesque. And it was about the only thing I could do well that other girls in my class couldn’t.) ) Still do love to swim – in fact, spent an hour and ahalf doing laps this morning. In high school, also, my mother insisted I join the bowling team, another sport I was no good at. (She also insisted I do tennis for a few summers, not a high school sport as we had no real campus with tennis courts – a middle of the downtown building all inside the walls of the school, no outside areas. No good at tennis, either.) In the first elementary school I attended, no real PE classes – just recess where we might do things like form a HokeyPokey circle led by a sort of strange mother who looked like Little LuLu’s mom. She might have been a drinker. When I left St Wms to go to Trinity in 5th grade, we did have some sports. My high point was hitting a home run in softball. High school, besides swimming, I remember a fairly horrible set of experiences – rope climbing which I couldn’t do at all but tried to, hanging upside down from rings which I could sort of do if the gym teacher gave me a shove in the butt, and the Courage Vault which I absolutely refused to even try.

  4. No. Hell no. Didn’t help that my freshman year, PE was my last class of the day because doesn’t everyone think it’s a good idea to have kids running on a black asphalt track in August and September in Florida from 1-2pm in the afternoon? Are you effing kidding me?

    I remember the coach was like, “you’re going to fail and you’ll just have to do it next year” when I refused to run in that kind of heat. I was like, “um, it’s 75% bookwork and 25% exercise so all I have to do is pass the unbelievably lame tests.” Which of course, I did.

    I always hated math as well but things might have gone better for me had I know dyscalculia was a thing before the age of about 30. Being in Honors and AP classes in everything except “fundamentals of math” my senior year just so I could get enough math credit to graduate might have been easier to swallow had I known there is a legitimate name for my numbers learning disability.

    I loved English, History, Drama, any and all art classes and Biology. Pretty much most things except math and any PE class. Heh

  5. OOooo, I loved PE. But then again, I was always one of the more physically active members of my nerdy group.
    Part of the fun was subverting the lessons – tennis? how to aim at your opponent. Soccer? how to slide tackle your opponent. I was less successful at some of the indoor/solitary sports, but that didn’t keep me from trying ..

    Math? aced it. Science? didn’t get enough. High School itself? abandoned it as quickly as I could. I figured college was going to be much more exciting. And Yes, I was one of those HS Choral singers, as well.

  6. Hated most aspects of school. I did like Agriculture class. I learned how to keep bees. 🙂

    I did like History but only the interesting bits. I didn’t like being required to memorize dates etc.

  7. Hadn’t thought about this in years. I hated PE although I loved exercise. Not a team player. The one time I liked it was when we did gymnastics, which (for boys) included the javelin throw and pole vaulting, either of which I could do all day long. Pole vaulting was like flying.

    Unca Joe

  8. PE in college changed my life, but not until graduate school. I had a couple of credit hours I could throw away on anything and didn’t want to take any other academic courses, so I signed up for canoeing. First class meeting, I found out you had to kneel in the canoe. I can’t kneel because of war wounds, so I wandered over to where they were signing people up for Long Distance Bicycling.

    Loved it immediately, and have since biked across the United States and other (smaller) countries.

    Unca Joe (from Mexico City, not biking)

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