If I can keep that floor empty…

… and not put anything there, like boxes of crap, or piles of things….

Before After

… then starting tomorrow, I’ll be able to start starting my days with a cup of coffee and half an hour at the spinning wheel, or the loom, or the sewing machine. I left a spot on the skein-winder where I can prop my tablet if I want to watch something on Hulu while I’m spinning or weaving (although I may be in the market to sell that skein-winder, since I bought the electric one last year. I thought I’d keep this one for backup, but the other one can be powered by human if need be, so this one is really just taking up room….).

And what that means is that instead of starting my day with checking email, trying to answer anyone from family and friends to customers before I’ve had enough coffee to be coherent… I can start my day with something creative, hopefully setting the tone for the day. Spinning, especially, is pretty meditative, and a good way to calm the spirit.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and am glad I’m finally actively moving towards it.

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    1. All my life, flat surfaces have not been safe near me. Having dogs, though, has taught me to keep most small things off the floor. We’ll see how it goes….

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