Animal status report

This just in — everybody is getting along swimmingly.

Let's be friends

The only thing seeing more time than the snuggles….

…. is the newfound love of wrestling, ear-chewing, and lively games of “tug the rope.:”

It's all WWF up in this place

Princess Cat, lonely since we had Old Dog put to sleep, is finding a new snuggle-bunny buddy in New Dog.


New Dog also breaks up cat fights, will lie on the floor between cats who have been spitting at each other and protect the bottom rung animal, and loves to play tug with rope toys.

Already Dog is discovering a love for play she never had before, as both dogs are breaking ground in inside, outside, and shared play. There’s so much ear chewing going on in this house I don’t even like to touch their slobber-covered heads any more. And I think we need a couple new rope toys — one has already died a sad death after valiantly holding itself together by a string for weeks. Oh, and no tennis balls are safe. (Neither are the possums who used to live in the back yard, but that’s an ickier story….)

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