Time keeps on spinning spinning spinning … into the fuuuuture

Social spinningPoints:

  • I have a massive backlog of fiber.
  • Spinning is relaxing.
  • I have the ability to sell my handspun.
  • I should incorporate 30-60 minutes of spinning per day (as I can justify this as work).

Can do!

This has a couple of side effects. Suddenly I have 30-60 minutes per day less time to do other things. But spinning is relaxing, so I find that I care less that I’m getting less work done, because I’m more relaxed. Go figure….?

And in typical “me” fashion, wherein typically the less I do something, the less I want to do it, and the more I do something, the more I want to do it… I’m finding that I want to work 12 hour days less and less, and I want to spend more time relaxing.

So I am.

I’m not pushing myself as hard, and I don’t mind both not pushing myself and not having something new to show every seventeen minutes.

This is a trend I’d like to see continue (the not stressing out about every little thing part).

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  1. That sounds completely wonderful! I am happy for you and cannot wait to see your pretty handspun! And in person, what whut?!

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