Thank you, Sharon!

I can't believe I didn't take this home.No, Sharon didn’t get me a kitten. But she did let me hold one! A friend of hers at the office where she works is raising/fostering some bebeh kittehs, and I went over a week or so ago to meet Sharon for lunch, and was climbed upon by kittens. This little love just purred and purred and purred while I held him – his head went back and back and back and eventually he looked like he was asleep (other than his eyes still being open and still purring purring purring). Seeing a friend’s newborn/baby/toddler/offspring sure doesn’t make me want to have kids, but show me a kitten…..?!

Sharon also came over yesterday and helped me wind some yarn. I know a few were tangly, and she might not feel like she got enough done to really be of service, but trust me; in that hour/90 minutes she was winding yarn, I was able to take some product photos, wash the soap molds from my last round of making soap, straighten up my ceramic studio just a titch, and order shipping supplies. THIS IS NOT A SMALL THING. Having ten or fifteen less skeins I have to wind, plus being able to catch up on a few things, was a ginormous help. So thank you, dear heart, you really helped to shape this week into something much more productive and positive than last week! I appreciate that a lot!

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